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Home health insurance
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The California legislature has just passed Senate Bill 562 with no possible means of financing it. Consider the inefficiency of the state processing claims and expect a 20 percent increase in overhead. Next is eliminating deductibles —another 20 percent. Including vision, dental and nursing home care will be another 30 percent increase.

Now consider the fact that 1 to 5 million Californians will pay the premium of 38.5 million people and that alone will double premiums. That means if you currently pay $600 a month, your new bill will be $1,500 a month.

The U.S. has far and away the most expensive health care in the world, yet the World Health Organization rates our level of health around 26th. The number one cause of death is heart disease, number two is cancer and number three is medicine. All of these are linked to lifestyle. Correcting the habits that increase these problems would be cheap and save millions of lives and dollars.

Implementing this plan will result in most providers not accepting the insurance due to Medi-Cal levels of reimbursement, which most doctors would lose money billing. This will result in premiums costing as much (or more) than housing and require cash/credit card debt to actually receive healthcare.

Please tell your legislators to abandon this solution with delusion. Socialism places everyone in the same category of services at the expense of those paying their taxes, which for the middle class means much more money for much less coverage.

— David A. Dubyak