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Hughson should be proud of its mayor
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Hughson Mayor Matt Beekman is under intense pressure from most of our fellow mayors due to a vote at the Stanislaus Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo). 


Because of this vote, Mayor Beekman might be voted off of the commission tonight not because of an illegal, immoral, or unethical issue, but simply because he voted for a farmland preservation measure that he believes will preserve high quality farmland for years to come.


I appreciate his conviction and dedication to preserving farmland. Mayor Beekman's LAFCo vote was based on good logic, well-reasoned arguments, and prudent judgment. Mayor Beekman took the entire region’s interests into consideration, in addition to Hughson’s.


Turlock's own Vice Mayor Amy Bublak voted against this measure as a LAFCo commissioner, yet one doesn't hear her demanding him to be removed from the LAFCo board. I commend the Vice Mayor for her maturity as she respects Mayor Beekman's right to serve on LAFCo despite her disagreement with his vote. 


When his vote was cast, Mayor Beekman based it on what he knows to be true. He is a man of integrity and conviction, a man that not only votes his conscience, but also votes on behalf of farmers and city residents alike. We need more Central Valley mayors like Mayor Beekman. 


The residents of Hughson should be proud of their steadfast leader. I know I am.