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I support Mayor Gary Soiseth
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I’m writing in support of Turlock’s Mayor, my Mayor, Gary Soiseth.  I voted for Gary, and I would/will do so again when the opportunity arises.  During his first 100 days in office, he held public meetings to address the concerns and needs of Turlock’s citizens.  My husband and I attended many of those meetings and were impressed with Gary’s compassion and leadership skills.  He listens, gathers the right teams, and moves into action! 
During his tenure as Mayor, Gary has led a team to create a tough proposal for campaign finance reform — a proposal that meets Constitutional requirements — facilitated plans to help Turlock’s homeless population, met with numerous groups to listen to their needs and work to remedy problems, and even volunteered time to read to children as part of a Friends of the Library project.

Gary Soiseth is a Mayor who practices real leadership and has a desire to make a positive difference at the local level.  Although some already do, I would like to see all our local leaders follow Gary’s example.  

I voted for Mayor Soiseth, and I am very glad I did.

— Barbara Jensen