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I Support Mike Brem for Mayor
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Our family contracted with Supherb Farms to grow basil for several years. One finds when in business there are always challenges to face in an ever-changing environment and growing basil was no exception. The one constant I found through my experience with Supherb Farms was my high regard for the folks of whom I had the opportunity to meet. Each one projected competence, helpfulness, problem-solving ability, work ethic, confidence and quiet humility. When I look back on those days and the great people of Supherb Farms, I see now that they were a reflection of their leader and CEO, Mike Brem.

I have lived in Turlock almost thirty years and have had the privilege to be around Mike Brem in other venues apart from Supherb Farms. The work of the Planning Commission, on which he has served for many years, should be highly commended for their leadership, vision and patience. Mike has a record of leadership and active support in many of our service clubs and charitable organizations. Every day he is quietly helping people of this town and beyond. Mike Brem’s fingerprints are on many of the great things going on in this community.

Yes, it is important to have the proven management experience that Mike has, but it is also important to have a leader who can encourage people to be better by example of quiet humility. Mike Brem has proven he is that type of leader, too.

I strongly encourage that you vote Mike Brem for Mayor of Turlock.

— Chuck Cox