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If schools require arts education, government should provide more funding

Dear Editor,

 An education system requires schools to have a STEAM curriculum; science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Although, in this STEAM curriculum, arts and music education don’t have as much importance or emphasis as the others. For this main reason, Proposition 28 needs to be approved. This proposition will allow for more arts and music education funding. ‘

Yes, there is already $1 billion towards this education, but the extra funding of another $1 billion would help everyone. It would be very beneficial for teachers, schools being able to add a wider variety of arts and music, and students. In many ways this would help students out. Students would be able to have more items for arts and electives provided allowing them to achieve greater success in their preferred work. Not only would they achieve greater success for their future, but studies have shown that arts and music education benefit students’ mental health and social development. It comes to worry for many on how this funding will be paid. Beneficially, it allows for funding to not raise any taxes. If the education system is requiring schools to have credits in arts and music, the government should be able to fund it more. 
— Rozee Lopez