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Issues matter, decisions matter, character matters
quill pen

Dear Editor,

For the many years that I taught in our city of Turlock, teaching students to become educated, productive citizens, where character mattered was vitally important. Character mattered in the classroom, and it matters in our community.

All candidates respectfully have their right to express themselves and their positions on issues. Similarly, supporters have the right to express their choice for whomever they feel would best lead our city. Solving the complex issues that face our city requires very careful consideration, not only of the candidates and their solutions, but also of who they are as people. I respect anyone that is willing and able to run for office. All candidates are worthy. Four years ago, I wrote a letter of support for Gary Soiseth. I knew Gary as a fellow honor student with my son Kyle back at THS, I taught his sister, I’ve worked with his dad. 

If my third front yard sign (the first and second were stolen) is an indicator of the spirit of this Mayoral election, then it’s important to consider character when voting this November.

I’m writing this letter in support of Gary Soiseth for reelection as our mayor of Turlock. Issues matter, decisions matter, character matters.

— Bret Sutterley