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It’s important for abortion rights to be in the state constitution

Dear editor, 

As a student I realize the importance of being an informed voter. The recent Proposition to amend the state constitution of abortion rights for women, Proposition 1, is important to put down in the constitution because it gives the right for women to get abortions and use contraceptives. It's important for women to be able to access contraceptives and be able to get abortions for their reproductive health and allow them to do what they please. In California, Proposition 1 ensures that we don't move back as a state to the years where women couldn't get an abortion. People that need an abortion often needed to travel far distances in order to be able to get one. I say yes on Proposition 1 because it should be ensured for years to come that everyone will always be able to get an abortion under the state of California. 

— Audrey Villet