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It’s time to act responsibly
Andrew Nosrati
Turlock City Council member Andrew Nosrati will host two public forums this week to receive input on how to spend COVID relief funding.

It is Monday, March 30, and the confirmed cases in Stanislaus County sits at 31.

Numbers are in upward trajectory, with expectations of continued exponential growth, unless we all heed the advice of every reputable individual in positions of power across the globe.

This number will eventually exceed the capacity of our health care system. The quality of service delivered for life saving activity for all (from first responders to hospitals) will suffer.

Many talk about how loss of life from viruses is expected, citing flu deaths for comparison, as a way to anecdotally make light of this virus and its impact to humanity. What you are failing to recognize is that our health care system and emergency response system are not equipped to handle the mass influx of patients and will crumble unless you modify your behavior. You can cite ignorance for only so long before we as a society can categorically label you as selfish.

One by one, we are seeing that cities, counties, and countries across the globe not doing enough to flatten the curve to a point where loss of life is not caused by communal behavior. Please do your part to fight this in our community.

> Wash your hands.

> Don't touch your face.

> Don't go out beyond what is essential.

> When in shared spaces, observe physical distancing (6 feet of space).

Ask for help if you need it. Give help if you can give it. Let's all recognize how difficult these times are and give reach other grace, understanding and comfort however we can.

Call 211 or visit for more info.

We'll get through this, benefit as a society from the forced reflection on what is truly important in life, grow from the adversity and come out stronger than we were before. We'll even look back on these memories fondly so long as we act responsibly, and do not look back on this period with regret.