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Joe Debely renovations benefit entire community
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The Turlock High School Joe Debely Stadium renovation appears to have brought a lot of negativity to the school, the City Council, and those who support the renovation. The Turlock Unified School Board is always concerned about its neighbors and their needs. They pride themselves in maintaining good relationships with our community and have repeatedly voiced their willingness to address any and all issues with regard to the stadium improvements.
I doubt if anyone living near the stadium purchased their home before the stadium was built in 1926. Stadiums equate to noise, traffic, and kids. It should be no surprise that come Friday night, the lights will turn on, the streets will fill up, and there will be sounds of high school activities. If our kids are not allowed to be kids at sporting events, they will find other arenas in which to be kids. I would prefer that place to be the stadium, and I would like it available for physical education, sporting events, band reviews and community events without the possibility of injury from a field and a track that are dangerous from overuse and rain.
The Joe Debely renovation will benefit the entire Turlock community!
— Nancy Backlund