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Join the future of Stanislaus County: The Democratic Party
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Dear Editor,

Stanislaus County is changing. Change grows slowly. It doesn't happen all at once with a single decision or a single vote. A few years ago there were definitely more Republicans than Democrats here, check the registration figures. Now it's the other way around. It happened slowly. It's still happening. CA Congressional District 10 just elected its' first Democrat in years. Change. A state leader for the Republicans, Kirstin Olsen of Modesto recognized the change in CA in a recent opinion piece.

The Democratic Party is a "Big Tent" party. That means we welcome Republicans and Independents and others to change registration and work with us in the Democratic Party. Join us in making healthcare better for all. Join us in building our local jobs base. Join us in improving education for our children. The future needs YOUR efforts along with all of ours. Become a registered Democrat and join one of our many local Democratic Clubs or start a new one in Ceres, Oakdale, Patterson, Riverbank, Waterford or elsewhere. Change the present, join the future. Move Forward.  

— Dale Parkinson