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Library tax is money well spent
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I read the letters regarding Measure 'S' — the measure that will support our public libraries for the next 12 years.  Perhaps the persons writing against Measure 'S' has not considered the many public services we must tax to fund our common good: roads, police, fire protection, military, etc.  A free public library is just as important as any of these - probably more so.  Without equal access to free information for all we become subjects of the wealthy. 
Privately, libraries may save a few tax dollars, but not everyone can afford the price of computers, books, private schools, etc. Public libraries and schools are our greatest assets.  Funds spent on equal access to knowledge for all is a small percentage of the cost we tax ourselves for the privilege of living in the U.S.  
Our libraries have been publicly supported from their inception.  We use tax money for public services.  Some people boast they do not pay taxes. Personally, I believe taxes for our common good are always money well spent.  It makes us a democratic society not an oligarchy.
Retain our public libraries - vote yes on Measure 'S.'
— Patricia Hickman