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Manmade climate change is real
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Dennis Wyatt’s editorial of Dec. 16, implying that manmade climate change is a myth, is in conflict with overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Although I concur with his assertion that greater limits and restrictions should be imposed on developments in wildfire prone areas, manmade climate change is real and is already having a profound and possibly irreversible impact on our planet.

Yes, cyclical and natural climate change has been occurring for millions of years; but modern scientific advancements now enable us to differentiate between naturally occurring carbon dioxide and that which is manmade — similar to DNA testing. Melting glaciers, with their frozen carbon deposits, enable us to accurately measure these cyclical amounts for thousands of years. Manmade carbon dioxide has been escalating since the beginning of the industrial age and it has been having a gradual and steadily increasing impact on global warming.

Yes, there are dozens of scientific studies that show man made climate change is a myth. But there are thousands more, from peer reviewed investigations, that demonstrate just the opposite. Don’t listen to the Democrats or Republicans on this issue. Go out and talk to as many scientists as possible and ask them what they believe and why they believe it.

If I were to suffer a potentially life-threatening illness, I would follow the advice that is supported by the overwhelming majority of doctors — not just the few doctors who tell me what I would like to hear. When my planet is suffering a potently devastating ailment, I will follow the advice that is supported by the overwhelming majority of scientists.

— Bob Stammerjohan