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Moving forward with Soiseth
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The last time I wrote a letter to the editor, it was in support of TCFM in what I’ll refer to as the ‘farmers market fiasco’. I’d like to remind the town that I love, that this was a bad situation from the beginning. It stemmed from a lack of process in local government. This was a lose-lose situation, and not grounds for deciding who should be the next Mayor of Turlock. Turlock does not need a leader who will ignore policy to make a decision that makes people happy. Turlock needs a leader who will make tough decisions, even when they may not be the popular decision. What I witnessed during the ‘farmer market fiasco’ was the character that all mayoral candidates demonstrated. Some of the tones used were not attitudes of role models or positive leadership for the Turlock community. I’ve observed Gary’s leadership and successes as our mayor. I know his character, his heart, and his motive is his love for Turlock. I watched Gary’s heart break through that process, as the community that he loves was not at its best. It’s time to move forward.

I’ve watched Gary remain positive, and always make the choice to go high when others are going low. He has demonstrated strength, honesty and integrity when faced with adversity, especially during this campaign. I’ve watched Gary selflessly devote his time, energy, and salary to Turlock. There is no better role model for a leader in Turlock, than Gary Soiseth.

Turlock needs to move forward with a leader of integrity, passion, trustworthiness and dedication to helping Turlock have a successful future. Join me in supporting Gary Soiseth on Nov. 6. He is the only candidate to consistently focus on the issues and stay positive.

 — Crystal Nyquist