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Prop 28 is a meaningful investment in students

Dear Editor,
In the upcoming California 2022 election, eligible voters have the power to approve the implementation of Proposition 28, which will allocate 1% of California’s general annual budget to fund arts instruction in K-12 public schools and open an opportunity to make all students in California more well-rounded. It is pivotal that all registered voters in our community support the passage of this legislative measure in order to have the arts and music become more profoundly integrated in schools for our students to build upon.

With the staggering effects on mental health from the COVID-19 pandemic, students have an imperative need for healthy approaches to lower stress and outlets to stimulate social skills. Additionally, many students lack methods of fostering self-expression, and having schools devote a part of students’ education to the arts would help replenish this abyss.

Despite the fact that 40% of California’s yearly fund budget is already being distributed to education, passing this initiative would translate into a meaningful investment in our students. This legislative measure has the potential to make a substantial difference in students’ educational journey and individual development; therefore, for the sake of our students, vote yes on Proposition 28.

— Clarisa Garcia