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Prop 28 will help students with education & mental health

Dear Editor,

My name is Lingzi. As a student who wants to study graphic design, finding a class that actually can help me has always been my issue. In my school, there is only one class that is about graphic design. And the lesson is not just focused on graphic design but also involved with some animation and photography. It was difficult for me to find a class that will get deeper on graphic design. Unlike other classes, for example English, there are AP English, honor English, AP Literature. It is unfair for art students to only have a little bit of choice in public school. Art and music also helps with mental health issues. After the pandemic, students need a way to express their emotion; art and music would be the perfect choice. Sentience has proved that art and music can help students claim down by only focusing on one thing. Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 28 to help students with their education and mental health. 

— Lingzi Ma