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Prop 30 would greatly improve Valley’s air quality

Dear Editor, 

This November, residents of the Valley will have the opportunity to cast their vote and decide on the outcome of Proposition 30. Residents should strongly consider voting "Yes" because of the current zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure in the valley and to combat wildfires.   

Not only will the valley gain extra revenue on future ZEV projects, but the extra revenue from Prop. 30 will help reduce the impact of wildfires. According to the American Lung Association (ALA), the Central Valley appears twice in the top 10 most air-polluted cities. One of the primary causes of our poor air quality stems from wildfires; therefore, any resident should jump at the opportunity to resolve the poor air quality that negatively affects all.  

Although Prop. 30 seeks to improve the environment, its opponents focus on the increment of taxes that it suggests. A raise in taxes, especially in California, may quickly unease many residents; however, only around 3% of the population will be affected.

A "Yes" on Prop. 30 will not only improve our current ZEV infrastructure, but it can help the impact of wildfires and improve the Valley's air quality. 
— Bryan Soto