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Prop 31 has both health and financial benefits

Dear Editor,

Have you ever come across students who are smoking or using electric vapes that are very harmful for their body? Why are we allowing our young students to get addicted to these harmful products? Do you want to see your son, daughter, brother or sister smoking and affecting their health? As a high school student, I see students using electric or flavored vape in the restrooms whenever they get a chance. I see students who sell electric pens for money or trade them for other substances that students should not have. This cycle of sell and buy is increasing at an alarming rate. Looking at this, other students are also getting attracted to this activity. Something should be done in order to prevent this. Proposition 31 states absolute ban on retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products. Passing this proposition would also have a positive financial effect. Decreased state tobacco tax revenues ranging from tens of millions of dollars annually to around $100 million annually. This proposition has both health and financial benefits to society.

— Simer Deep