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Recycled city water for ag use ensures prosperous future
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With the drought ending for the most part in this part of California, agriculture will have enough water once again to produce its bounty and prove farming is the economic base of the valley. Saying that, many are thinking ahead and bringing about a new and unique water resource project for the west side of Stanislaus County.  

I think both the cities of Modesto and Turlock deserve high praise for selling recycled and treated waste water to the water sparse Del Puerto Water District. This is a first for us in this county.

This will assure s highly significant amount of water gets to the westside farmers for years to come. Thus making farming even more economically sustainable in the region. This is proven technology. The nation of Israel has used this technology for years. In California, we’ve been using it in Napa and Sonoma counties.

The main point in this instance is the great political cooperation accomplished between the cities and rural agriculture. They are not in competition for the scarce water supply. Farming in all its variety is still the economic king here in the valley, and this will assure an even brighter future. 

Water for Agriculture for the westside is fairly much rationed even in times of plenty.  Projects like using urban recycled and treated waste water for agriculture use has a bright future.

Daniel Marsh