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Republicans need to support Republicans

Dear Editor:

The goal of Republicans should be to win seats for Republicans in the 2022 election and to remove Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. In order to do this, all Republicans should be backing Republican candidates and working for their election.

So why is it that we have Assemblyman Heath Flora, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, and County Supervisor Vito Chiesa — all professed Republicans — supporting and endorsing a Democrat for Congress in District 13 when three Republicans are also running in that district? This is contrary to the Republican goal. These politicians should be ashamed.

These guys were willing to take the endorsements and financial backing (in the form of having their names on campaign handouts) from local Republican groups, and then they stabbed us Republicans in the back. They endorsed a Democrat for Congress! These guys are showing us that they cannot be trusted. Is it just a coincidence that all three of these politicians are either not up for election or now have a safe seats?

— Darwin Don Weeden