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Soiseth has clear vision for Turlock
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Gary Soiseth’s campaign for mayor of Turlock has sought to bring the most important issues facing Turlock to the forefront. He has focused on water reliability, deficit spending, and bringing transparency to issues at City Hall. His focus on the issues, rather than who else was running, singles him out as a focused, convicted, and visionary leader.

We are particularly impressed with Gary’s 100-Day Commitment to the citizens of Turlock. We appreciate his proposal to use the 100-Day Commitment as a way to provide a platform for the people of Turlock to discuss their greatest concerns and the most pressing issues facing the city. This commitment is not a campaign ploy or an empty promise: it is just one example of Gary’s belief in the need for Turlock’s citizens to have greater access to their elected officials.

Gary offers a clear perspective and understanding of the responsibilities facing the mayor of Turlock. Join us by voting for a new era of bold leadership at City Hall. Vote Gary Soiseth for Mayor! 

— Rufus and Mary Keaton