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Soiseth is the only choice for Turlock mayor
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I’m the co-owner of a store that has been in downtown Turlock for 22 years. Under Mayor Gary Soiseth we’ve seen a change in the way the City works with businesses. Our opinion matters. It has been made easier to do business. I have seen Gary’s passion for the well-being of downtown and ALL of Turlock.

I watch all of the Council meetings. Gary did vote to hire additional police officers and firefighters — his opponent did not. Gary did not vote to close all parks at dusk — his opponent did.

Gary stated that he will not run a negative campaign and has stuck to that — contrary to the outright lies spread by his opponents. He didn’t have sprinklers turned on the homeless — it was proven to be a sticky valve. He didn’t have the alley behind his house paved — it was done before he lived there. Recently when his signs were tagged with a homophobic slur, his opponent’s statements (or lack thereof) made it clear that they truly don’t understand the impact something like that has on others in the community — not only the Mayor.

To borrow from the Mayor: Integrity matters, facts matter. I add compassion matters. Gary Soiseth is the only choice for Turlock mayor!

— Lori Smith