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Soiseth's overseas leadership experience needed in Turlock
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Jan and I initially reached out to Gary Soiseth in his first years as a USDA Senior Agriculture Advisor embedded with the United States Army in Afghanistan. We followed his accomplishments throughout his service from 2009 to 2013, and we were thrilled to see that he chose to bring his skills and experience back to his home community.


As the parents of two sons who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom, we take issue with criticisms from supporters of Mike Brem that suggest that either of them would be considered “inexperienced” and unqualified for a position of leadership here at home because they dedicated years of their lives to gaining leadership experience outside of Turlock. 


We place our young people in leadership roles throughout the world and enthusiastically praise their accomplishments. How then can we allow for some individuals to claim that the experience Soiseth has gained while reconstructing the private sector of Afghanistan with the United States military to be invalid? The city of Turlock has the opportunity to elect a mayor who has gained invaluable experience as a leader on a global level. We need this type of new, energetic leadership at City Hall. We urge you to join us in voting for Gary Soiseth. 


— Steve & Jan Hallam