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Stop unions' bid to control the Turlock City Council
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It seems Turlock Firefighters Union has infected the Turlock Police Officers Union with their political disease: “Power Grab Syndrome” (PGS) to control the Turlock City Council. 

The disease started in 2010 when the Firefighters Union wanted to get Councilwoman Mary Jackson off the City Council because she consistently said “no” to their unreasonable demands for more benefits. The union recruited Bill DeHart and pumped over $10,000 into his campaign and literally “bought” the council seat from Mrs. Jackson. Then, in 2012, the union recruited Steve Nascimento because Mr. Nascimento’s brother is a Turlock firefighter. Now it’s 2014 and the Firefighters’ Union has convinced the Police Officers’ Union that the two unions can control the council completely if they unite to defeat Councilman Forrest White. In order to defeat him the unions are backing two young and inexperienced candidates: Gary Soiseth and Mathew Jacob, as well as their “catch” from 2010, Bill DeHart. 

It is time to put an end to “PGS” and say “no” to the Firefighters’ Union and the Police Officers’ Union and tell them the Turlock City Council is not for sale. Please join me and vote for Mike Brem and Forrest White.