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Support for Abe Rojas
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I am writing this letter in support of re-electing Abe Rojas as Trustee for YCCD Area 3. Since the YCCD Board will be hiring a new Chancellor this year, stability and continuity on the board is crucially important. Abe has been an active, loyal member of the YCCD Board for over 20 years. He understands all the concerns and issues connected with the District. Abe always comments and asks competent questions when reports are given. He is committed and alert. Rojas has served as Board Chair numerous times during his tenure and has consistently done an outstanding job in this position.

Rojas recently voted for a Title IX policy and procedure decision in support of the law of California. An individual in a recent letter to the editor suggested that this vote prohibited due process for employees; this is not true! Pure and simple this aspect of Title IX procedure is LAW.

The destruction of the MJC library books has always been done and is called “weeding;” there is nothing untoward or even unusual with this happening. The MJC librarian removes books following the same process that has been followed since the early days of MJC, as do the majority of libraries. All of these books have been converted to electronic versions, so no information from these books was lost. To reiterate, this is a common practice and is not counter to any previous actions by the librarians at MJC or across the state.

Abe Rojas is a student-oriented, faculty and staff supportive Board member who consistently advocates for the college in the community and the state. The YCCD is better for his service on the Board. A vote for Abe Rojas is a vote for a loyal, tried and true Trustee who has the best interest of the District and the colleges at heart in all he does as a trustee.

— Lynn Martin