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Tax from cannabis sales could benefit Turlock in many ways
letter to editor

In (a recent Turlock Journal) article, (I saw) the city is considering marijuana revenue, finally! The city will benefit! It can finally cut the mistletoe out of the city trees. The city could finally get better roads. Let’s get this going folks, the city will benefit more than you can imagine. Come on, it's legal. I have a medical recommendation and card, so I can continue to stay away from strong prescription meds while recovering from recent surgery. 

The city could also get a homeless shelter going — a place year around. Have the people who stay there be the janitors, clean up, organization, etc. There could be separate areas. One for people with animals. One area for families, one with an area for transition from street camping to getting housing. It could be the answer to a big problem, unless folks like seeing campers everywhere. 

Another idea with the tax surplus money, is to pave every median in Turlock. No more eyesores blocking views, no more endangering City of Turlock Employees when they make that very unsafe run from the truck to the median. Then can pave with colored cement and stamp a brick design. Once a month they would need to use a water truck and drive by the medians and spray it down. 

I am in favor of this. Come on guys, it is 2018, we also voted it legal. As for responsibilities and issues, it could be like alcohol. Drive buzzed? Go to jail, and so forth. 

In my opinion, the City of Turlock would be shooting themselves in both feet for not taking this tax revenue! We could improve our city and make it nicer, more appealing, a place you want to live in and raise a family. We have lived here for 20 years. Let's get Turlock in the right direction, get the tax revenue and improve daily life in Our City!

— Joyce Trujillo