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Tax plan is bad for hardworking Californians
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Congressman Jeff Denham voted for the GOP tax scheme that is being sold as a middle-class tax break, but we know the truth, it’s a big giveaway to the ultra-rich. This “so-called” reform plan hurts hardworking middle-class families, all to pad the pockets of the rich.  

This tax plan throws middle-class families under the bus, by raising our taxes. Their plan restricts critical tax deductions that many California families rely on. In fact, it eliminates the deductions for state and local sales and income taxes (SALT), eliminates the student loan interest deduction and reduces the cap on the home mortgage interest deduction, hurting current and potential homeowners. That’s not all, the GOP simply can’t keep their hands off our healthcare! This plan raises medical costs for the more than 8 million people who take advantage of the medical expense deduction, that this tax bill eliminates.

This is a bad tax plan for hardworking Californians. It gives tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires while increasing taxes on the middle class. In fact, these tax cuts could force deep cuts to critical programs like Medicare, and interest on student loans. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that this plan could trigger $25 billion in cuts to Medicare. This is simply unacceptable!

Denham has a proven record of lining up behind Paul Ryan and his terrible agenda, and voted 98 percent of the time with Donald Trump. He voted for their horrendous healthcare plan, which would take coverage away from thousands of CA-10 residents, impose an “Age Tax,” and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He has also voted for budget after budget that undermined critical investments like infrastructure and education, ended Medicare as we know it, and made deep cuts to Medicaid.

Denham continues to put the rich first. From his votes for the tax plan and healthcare plan, to his budget votes, he has shown little regard for his constituents. It’s time for Denham to start doing his job, and putting our interests ahead of the wealthy and special interests. We deserve better.   

 — Karen Crovella