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Thank God Warrior Day is cancelled
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Dear Editor,

In response to the article, “Warrior Day cancelled,” all I can say is thank God.

We live close to the university, we have for five year. Now, I must say, we are looking for a new place to live. Warrior Day, in my opinion, is like War Day to our family. It’s louder than anyone could imagine.

For years now we have went before the City Council due to the noise problems in our neighborhood. It was not even taken serious. We have to call TPD all the time because of the problems. We can’t sleep because our house shakes and cracks, even the foundation vibrates.

We are not saying this noise is coming only from the university, but it is one of many. I always thought universities were for education, not binge drinking.

Thank God someone took a stand against this behavior. We tip our hats to CSUS administrators. Now it is time the City Council and the TPD take the noise problems serious, not only in this neighborhood, but the entire city of Turlock.

— Mr. and Mrs. Ken DeMartini