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The easy life of crime
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I just need to know WHY? We all know Turlock has a large number of car thefts. Why is that?  I ask this because we had three cars stolen one day and a trailer we had been using that belonged to a friend a different day from my son’s house. He caught people robbing his house — two different times.My husband found the trailer being used by several men; it was parked on the streets of Turlock with a different license plate. My husband called the police and confronted the men. When the police officer came she read the police report about the stolen trailer. She saw on the report the man’s name who noticed the trailer missing. We had been trying to help this man stay clean for two years. He had been in trouble over the years. After that she was sure that was who was behind the trailer theft. The people who had the trailer said it belonged to a friend who asked them to store it in their yard until he could paint it. Then they removed the tail gate and replaced it with one from a different trailer so they could use the trailer for work. The officer gave the people back the plate and told them she believed them. Isn't it against the law to use a different plate than the one that belongs to it? The officer acted like those men were the victims and my husband was out of line by insisting something needed to be done. It sure seems like the thieves have it easy. No wonder there are so many thefts. I thought we had the best police. Evelyn Edgin