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The mayor and his political signs — a 3-month saga
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Political signage on residential properties can be no more than 4 feet high and 6 feet square.  Political signage must not be closer than 5 feet to the edge of a property and not be created in a manner to confuse motorists or obstruct lines of sight on roadways.  So, Mayor Gary, why hasn’t the City of Turlock removed your illegal political signs?   They continue to violate the above rules.  I know because I went out with a measuring tape and checked!  You were asked to remove the Mothra sized signs on Berkeley and you did, only to replace them with signs that still violate the rules of your own City Hall.  I believe you like to cheat.  You could put up signs that do not violate our city rules and run a clean campaign.  I am 35-year resident and voter in Turlock, who is voting for Mr. Bates.  

— Lynn Sarraille