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Turlock can’t afford Esquer as mayor

First, I believe Gil Esquer to be a good Turlock citizen, much like myself. That does not mean Gil should be Mayor of Turlock. Why NO on Gil: Let’s remember his Turlock Council History.

Taxation: Gil voted two times to raise taxes on Turlock citizens while on council. Once on Measure L and next in Measure A. Our current Mayor, Amy Bublak, voted against raising taxes on Turlock citizens.

Roads: Gil VOTED for not returning road money, to Turlock, while supporting the funding of an ACE train.  Mayor Amy Bublak voted to return the road money.

As a sitting council member Gil Esquer who lives on West Main St. benefited from the Measure L project. Measure L project (West Main) once completed the costs were almost 4 times the original $1.6 million Measure L estimate. All the funding was used with nothing leftover for other Turlock roads. 

Homelessness: Current outgoing councilman Andrew Nosrati  & Gil Esquer supported The Homeless Industrial Complex – comprised of developers, government bureaucrats, and activist nonprofits –  “the complex” has taken over the homeless agenda and turned it into a profit center. As a previous councilman Gil Esquer and Andrew Nosrati presented a “BEAUTIFICATION” plan to the Turlock City Council to adopt a homeless roadmap, the plan was to build more for the homeless without accountability. Homeless housing was one their solutions. Realignment of road funding was to be invested into areas hardest hit by homelessness not roads needing repair.

Turlock City Manager: Councilman Gil Esquer supported “closed session interviews” for hiring City Manager Toby Wells. Turlock’s former city manager went from making $185,000 to $220,000. That is a $35,000 increase in Turlock, CA. It was a guaranteed three-year contract. Toby Wells did not stay three years. We as citizens have to pay the price for the decisions councilman Esquer previously supported. We cannot afford his decisions as Mayor of Turlock. 

— Debbie Hall-Koftinow