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Turlock Certified Farmers Market belongs to community
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I thoroughly enjoy our current downtown farmers’ market.  Saturday mornings during the market season is a treat for me.  Prior to opening my shop downtown, I treat myself to a cup of coffee while I walk among the various local produce stands, food stands, and craft booths.  Can this be replicated by another individual or group?  Perhaps.  But, I stand with the Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market.  Why?  In short, because the staff and board of directors have created something special.  Our market, and I call it “ours” because it belongs to our community, offers locally grown, locally sourced, locally created goods that are accessible.  It's an inclusive market where visitors are welcomed and treated to free entertainment and information while selecting nutritious food.  It's a supportive market where small businesses and its' success is important to the market.


This experience didn't just happen.  It takes time, effort, and heart.  The Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market staff and board of directors have spent six years growing a market that is a benefit to its members and community alike.  Each season I've seen new attractions added to the mix that have served to improve the market.  I've seen more and more visitors at the market and more visitors are purchasing local produce and goods at the market.  Bricks and mortar shops benefit from an increase in foot traffic as those visitors stop and shop each Saturday.


The Turlock Certified Farmers’ Market isn't broke — why try to fix it by replacing it with another group or business?  If there is a need for more opportunities for a market, then another location/day/season is appropriate.  The Request for Proposals issued by the City of Turlock is unnecessarily premature.  The simple and most effective way to ensure the current market thrives is to work together, as a community, not toss it aside on a whim. 


Support OUR Turlock Certified Farmers Market! 


Dana McGarry

Turlock Resident

Turlock Business Owner