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Turlock has improved under Mayor Bublak

Four years ago, Turlock was in economic shambles and suffering from poor city employee morale. Fortunately, we have turned around under Mayor Amy Bublak's leadership.

I have known Amy for over 40 years, and I believe she has made the right decisions during unprecedented circumstances. She showed the proper fiscal discipline when an influx of federal money arrived to help us through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She has tackled large and small issues, including a city hall reorganization. Finally, I was pleased to hear our city streets would undergo repairs this year. It's beyond time we stop putting band-aids over potholes and ensure our roads, bike lanes, and walkways are safe for all to use.

Please join me on Election Day in reelecting Amy Bublak as Mayor of Turlock. 

— Larry Rumbeck