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Turlock must look to its past in selecting its future Mayor
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Having served Turlock 14 years as a member of the Turlock City Council and then two terms as Mayor, I understand the role of Mayor and what it takes to serve effectively in this position.

A good leader should know how to negotiate, build consensus and have the experience to know when compromise is appropriate. Brad Bates has this ability and will bring all perspectives together for the betterment of our community.

An essential attribute of a good Mayor is integrity. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Brad Bates has integrity and will bring uprightness back to City Hall.

Finally, a Mayor must understand the city’s fiscal condition. As a past Turlock mayor, Brad knows city finances and budgets and will play a critical role in restoring fiscal stability to the City of Turlock! If the city’s financial position is unstable, it affects the city council’s ability to address critical needs such as public safety. I know Brad will provide the leadership needed in finding a financial plan that includes putting more officers on the beat to make Turlock a safer place to live!

Brad’s personal ethics and sense of fairness are beyond reproach! He will restore calmness to City Hall. His past experience as chair of the Turlock Planning Commission will assist in rebuilding the city’s Development Services Department. Further, his confidence will encourage other local agencies such as the Turlock Chamber of Commerce as they rebuild a partnership in job and economic development with the City of Turlock.

Turlock must look to its past in selecting a tried and tested leader as its future Mayor. Please vote for Brad Bates for Turlock Mayor!