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Turlock needs a new facility to house homeless

Dear Editor, 

Everywhere around Turlock there are homeless people out in the streets suffering. Some of these homeless have no control over what they are doing because of the drugs they are on, some of them have control but don’t have a place to call home so they have this life. Having tents and trash all around our Turlock community makes our town look bad. We do have a few facilities in Turlock that allow the homeless to go eat there and sleep, however I think we need to have more than that. We have a bunch of land that can be put to use, so why not use it for a good cause and help these homeless. The facilities that are built for them should be big enough for most of the homeless to stay there, and not leave any out. They should have bathrooms, bedrooms, a yard, and cafeterias. Something new that can be also brought into the facility is a hair salon and a nail salon, this would help them feel cleaner and better about themselves. By building a facility that is big enough, these homeless will have a place to stay and our town will look cleaner and presentable. Many of the homeless around Turlock may decide that they want to live the life they are living now instead of staying at the facility, but at least we have a facility open. 

— Destiny Mirzadeh