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Turlock’s financial health is top priority
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Letter to Editor:

Fiscal responsibility in government is not a refusal to spend money, nor is it a tax-and-spend mentality. Good government is using taxpayer dollars wisely on essential projects or purchases, or hiring staff to manage a city or county.

Many years ago, the City of Turlock created a reserve fund to store saved monies for a real economic crisis, a disaster or an emergency. For years, City Councils managed the fund well, treating it as a sacred piggy bank. Our fiscal prudence paid off, and by 2006, the reserve fund held over $10 million.

I’m troubled when I hear current mayor, and the Turlock City Council discuss spending reserve fund dollars on pet projects or staff salaries. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is an improper use of taxpayer dollars, and jeopardizes the financial security of our city.

As we enter the last month of campaigning, please note which candidates are discussing Turlock’s financial health, or just dipping into the piggy bank to fund risky investments or projects that are better supported by private money.

— Larry Rumbeck