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TUSD needs trustees who do what’s right

It’s not who is right or who is wrong but what’s right!  The race for Turlock Unified School Board is starting to turn ugly.  Our schools are too important to allow petty issues and differences to jeopardize the future for our students.  There is no room for partisan politics in this race.  As someone who has worked with Lori Carlson, Mary Jackson and Ken Howenstine, I can say without hesitation that they are “what’s right” for our students, teachers and parents.   It has not always been popular but that’s the sign of strong leaders doing “what’s right” even in the face of unjustifiable criticism.   

Their leadership has guided our district through very difficult times.  The facts are lost in some of the one-sided debates.  Along with our excellent superintendent and team, they have held the course and have kept our district strong and secure for everyone not just a vocal few.  Our board is a very diverse group who work very well together except for one radical board member.  We may not always agree but at the end of the day we come together to do what is best for our schools.  If you study both sides of the discussion you will find that Lori, Mary and Ken will lead our schools to remain safe, fiscally responsible and representative for all.  Their dedication is proven by their volunteer service to our schools and community.  Please join me in voting to keep our district strong by electing Lori, Mary and Ken.  They have done “what is right.”

— Anthony Silva