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UFO sighting in Turlock
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I am Ray Hoisington, age 59, and have been a resident of Turlock for over 13 years. Last night I observed interesting phenomena over my house.

At 20:23 hours I was outside watching the air traffic on their approach to SFO, I’m not sure which vector airway they use, but they start in the east and travel westbound between Turlock and Modesto.  When SFO is busy, there are often 3 aircraft visible at one time.

As I am watching this aircraft, I notice what looks like a wisp of a cloud travelling from the Northwest to the Southeast – it was out of place because there were no other clouds in the night sky.  I watched this object travel in a straight line, approximately twice as high as the aircraft I was watching, and when it was about at 45 degrees above the horizon I noticed many off-white lights on the bottom.  As it came closer I managed to see a dim outline of the craft – it was in the shape of a “V”.  I tried to count the lights on the bottom, but I can only estimate there were 15, equally spaced lights that covered almost half of the wing surface.

There were no navigation lights or strobes visible, and the aircraft I had been watching made no apparent notice of the object.

There was no time to grab a camera, and I don’t think a photo would have come out anyway – the object was almost as bright as Polaris.  What did surprise me was the speed at which it traveled – from the beginning to end of the sighting, maybe 10 – 12 seconds.  If the craft was at 40,000’ or higher this means the speed was approaching mach 3, as it covered over 105 degrees of the sky in 10/12 seconds.

I have 40 years in aviation, am currently employed as an Avionics manager, and was once called an Avionics Engineer while I worked at NASA Dryden Flight Research.  I have not seen this UFO in any of my previous work experiences.

A report of this sighting was made last night with the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, and should be on their website before too long.

I was hoping there were others who was also a witness to this event.


— Ray Hoisington