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Vote for Cassandra Abram for City Council

Dr. Cassandra Abram has the intelligence and integrity that is needed to get Turlock back on track. As a former patient of Dr. Abram, I am elated to hear she is running for Turlock City Council. 

The City of Turlock has faced a number of set-backs, one of which is due to council members placing their self-interests above the needs of the community. Cassie Abram has continuously put her patients first, and I believe she will continue to put the needs of those she serves above all else.

Cassie is conscientious and thorough in her care for her patients, and I wholeheartedly trust her with my health. As a doctor, she takes the time to genuinely listen to her patients. She truly cares about the concerns of others and will go above and beyond to find a solution whether it’s working late or consulting with other professionals. I believe these admirable values will carry over into her role as a civil servant. I trust Cassie’s integrity in making the best choice for our community.

Please vote for honesty, trustworthiness and a person who will listen. Vote for Cassandra Abram for Turlock City Council District 3.

— Loni Silveira