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Vote for a ‘Power to the Parents’ school board candidate

As a parent whose youngest child was a senior in 2020/2021, I was able to see firsthand how the current board (minus Jeff Cortinas) rubber stamped everything the Superintendent's office put forth.  The parents and children had no voice.

"School" was held at my home during senior year.  I had about half a dozen seniors with their laptops at my kitchen table daily.  I was very thankful they had each other.  However, I'm sure there were many students who were home alone, depressed, and trying to figure out their school work.  There were children who had no access to wifi, food, or homework support.  The immeasurable damage caused by closing the school down will be with us for many years to come.  The students were finally allowed on campus, the final 6 weeks of school.  

Attending the school board meetings was useless.  Parents and children pleading with the board to come up with some type of solution, yet nothing was offered.

Parents and grandparents, please vote for a "Power to the Parents" candidate so that we may see changes to this school board.  It is our responsibility to protect our children. We should have a voice in our children’s' education.

Please vote for:  Jeffrey Cortinas, Jeffrey Nichols, Shenique Borunda, Paola Maldonado Padilla.

— Caroline Backus