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Vote Lewis for City Treasurer

With elections for the City of Turlock fast approaching, we write in support of City Treasurer Diana Lewis.

During her years in office, Diana has served the City of Turlock and its citizens admirably while effectively handling the asset investments. It is due to her unwavering commitment to Turlock and sound investment policy that over the last five years her investment strategy has been successful in generating an annual average of an additional nearly one and a half million dollars into our much-needed City’s revenue. It is the City Treasurer’s responsibility to protect and invest the City’s assets in compliance with the State of California and the City of Turlock Investment Code. Diana has continued to provide the highest investment returns with the maximum security while meeting the daily cash flow demands of our City.

In these uncertain times, prudence and experience are needed and Diana’s 20 years of unparalleled experience will continue to assure stability and results for our community when investing the City of Turlock’s assets.

— Ray and Lynette Souza