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Vote by mail is the way to go

It sure looks like everyone who votes in this November's general election will do it by mail with only a few exceptions.

Since I have voting this way for many seasons, I do endorse this this way of voting.  It works very well indeed.  Turlock voters will consider raising the city sales tax by three quarters of a percent, along with choosing candidates for two city council seats, and, along with the state wide propositions, you can vote for your Representative to Congress,

Many of the counties in California already have a majority of their voters vote by mail.  Two very dependable and trusted organizations, namely the Post Office and the County Elections Office know how to handle it quite correctly.

Postage will be paid, so voters do not have to pay for the postage.  Just get your vote in the mail before the election deadline.  I manage to mail my vote in about two or three weeks before the due date.

Take the time to read the voter ballot statements, do your research and you can make an informed decision on issues that matters.  I like to discuss these matters with others to get different opinions and perspectives.  If you do not cast a ballot someone else will decide for you, and you may not like the outcome.

— Daniel Marsh