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Vote ‘no’ on Prop 1 for the baby and mother’s sake

Dear Editor, 

When was murder accepted within society? I am coming before you to give my thoughts as a 17-year-old guy on the controversial decision about what to vote for Prop 1. As someone who was raised in a conservative Republican home, I hope to have you see my reasoning for why you should vote no on Prop 1. For starters, the part of Prop 1 that many may find the most disturbing is that if it makes abortion a constitutional right, it even makes it possible for a woman to have an abortion up to the 9 months, even when the baby can survive on its own outside the womb. The other reason is how the abortion can affect the mother psychologically by giving them cases of severe depression and they regret having the abortion even if they had it 10 years ago. The last and final reason I have to oppose Prop 1 is just the fact that, if it passes, all abortions will be under California taxes, meaning every Californian taxpayer will have to support abortions without their decision. So to conclude, even though I am currently too young to vote, I ask that you see my point of view and vote no on prop 1.

— Elijah Caine