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Water misdirection
quill pen

We have heard from Jeff Denham that he opposes the Delta Tunnels. The tunnels would divert water from our area to the south. But Denham is trying to bring in the fed, and that would make the tunnels a reality. As usual Denham is telling us one thing, and working on just the opposite. 

Much of the water going south would be going to large Kern corporate farmers. They have already sucked down all the water in that area. And now because of large Big Farm donations Denham wants to reward them. That he is putting so much opposition on flushing water down the Delta, is just misdirection. He wants us looking at the wrong area. 

I believe that this is a State of California issue. The fed needs to stay out. I'm sure we can work this out. It is a uniquely California issue. I'm not happy with many parts of this issue, but I don't want the federal government deciding. I don't trust the fed or Ryan Zinke. I certainly don't trust Denham.

He has done this on immigration. Getting some traction going, then backing of when leadership tells him to stop. He works for DC not us. 

— Lupe Villarreal, Denair