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We dont need another green politician
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While putting gas into my car today at $4.82/gal, I started thinking about congressional candidate Jose Hernandez. The last thing we need is another green politician in public office.

Like President Obama, he tows the party line for experimental green energy instead of striving to achieve energy independence through domestic oil, gas, natural gas and clean coal.

Again like Obama, Hernandez favors dragging the economy over the fiscal cliff into a deeper recession than what the president’s costly entitlement-centered policies have already put the working class in.

Like the “lame-stream” media, Hernandez stands by and lets Obama blame an internet movie trailer instead of his own apologetic bad foreign policy for what has resulted in Middle East anti-American riots, flag burning, and planned acts of terrorism that have claimed the lives of our embassy diplomats and our Marines. Oil transport to U.S. could slow down and cause gas prices to spike higher.

And like Nancy Pelosi, we don’t need another green politician such as Jose Hernandez telling us that we have to wait for massive legislation such as Obama’s “health care overhaul” to pass into law before we can find out what is in it.

— Steven S. Hall