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We need to show Kap and family our support
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Although local businesses are stepping up and showing Colin their support, does the City of Turlock have anything in the works, to show this young man and his family, the support they truly deserve? 

The character of this young man and his family is just as impressive as his “Super Man” athletic ability.  The combination of his character and talents is sweeping the nation, and in the process, bringing a  little fame to our little town.  So where are the larger than life pictures, bill boards, or signs showing Colin how much we love and support him, and how proud we are that he’s from Turlock!  This is not a short term thing, that will die down after Feb 2.  This young man, “against all odds,” will continue to break records, lead his team, and awe the world for many years to come.

I know many Turlock residents, and Pitman High families, including the family of Stephanie and Zack Abuan, would be honored to make a donation to help fund a “Kaepernick Project”.

So, City of Turlock, let’s give back to someone who has given us so much…lets show our support in the manner he deserves.

— Michelle Hall