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West side discrimination
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The hit and run homicide, which occurred on Jan. 31, of my son Kelly R. Story has still not been solved. The shooting of my grandson in 2007 and the robbery of my parents in 2008 also remain unsolved.
To the City of Turlock, had there been a sidewalk my son might still be alive. Where he was run down, on Julian Street, there is a wood fence approximately  54 feet long, 5 feet high, and about 16 inches from the fence to the inside of the curb. There was not even a dirt path wide enough to keep him from having to walk on the street. Instead of the speed bumps on Tuolumne and other streets, it seems to me our town should have been concentrating on sidewalks first!  
The people sitting in office and running our town of Turlock don’t seem to care about the West side. They must all live on the East side or in some other town. And now I understand that our city officials  want to turn the lights out on the West side. This, I consider discrimination! And, also as I understand it, they want to lay off some police officers!
Our new city manager receives a much larger salary than the last one. Why didn’t they hire a city manager that would except less salary and keep our lights on and keep our police officers. Just because they made a few drug busts doesn’t mean that our town has been cleaned up. There are still robbers and murders that need to be arrested!
Again, I say we need to have an outside task force come in and clean up the West side of Turlock! I’m hoping to see a printed response from our city officials and/or city manager addressing ALL of the above issues!
— Carol J. Spurgin