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What goes around comes around
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The recent arrest of Anna Ybarra for embezzlement is the very sad result of another supposed adult selfishly tarnishing an organization developed for the enjoyment of children.
It’s sad, but in Anna’s case this arrest is also a bit satisfying for those of us who were active when Anna thought TYSA stood for The Ybarra Soccer Association.
After Anna pays her dues to society, I hope she gets the help she needs and fully understands that what she did by embezzling money and attempting to ruin the soccer futures of the players who chose to leave her teams was not acceptable behavior. A person in a soccer association leadership position constant focus should be creating a positive experience for all participating athletes.
During her reign, Anna clearly exhibited that she was primarily looking out for herself and for her relative’s teams more than the entire TYSA organization. She used to ask her team, “What is my motto?” to which they would reply, “There is no place like first.” We now know Anna’s first place was not somewhere she hoped anyone but her and her select group of subjects would be.
— Brian Wilkins