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Whelan can help local farmers in Congress
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Dear Editor,

After looking at the three candidates running for the 16th District, Brian Whelan would be the best candidate for the House of Representatives.

He is the only candidate which resides in the District in which he is running. Whelan is educated and is currently a lawyer, and he has helped several farmers in court. The lack of water made him want to be a Congressman in Washington, D.C. With his law degree, he will be capable of deciphering and understanding the language crippling farmers which are written in the Water Bills.

Many of regulations are written by people who have never experienced farm life. The average person serving in Congress is not capable of understanding many of the bills which cross their desk, nor do they read the bill they vote on, but rely on others to interpret it for them.

Education plays an important part for those who work for us in Congress. Brian will be capable of writing laws which will help the farmer be successful in the field without entanglements. Brian Whelan has my vote!

— Carol Campodonica