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Who is Amy Bublak?
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I first met Amy Bublak in 1987 when I joined the Turlock community as California State University's Provost and Academic Vice President. At that time Amy was the Student Body President. I found Amy to be then and to this day a straight shooter who tries to do the right thing to solve a problem rather than just the expedient one.

As Student Body President Amy worked closely with the University Administration to bring about several changes that made it possible to create a stronger relationship between the University administrators, students and the Turlock community. Amy was most active then engaged in the politics of the Turlock community and is still, some 20+ years later, willing to address issues that relate to the wellbeing of the City of Turlock.

I remember Amy attending City Council meetings as Student Body President to find out how the University and its students could be an integral part of the community. Amy has had a long history of working for the wellbeing of the citizens of Turlock. She has always been generous with her time and expertise whenever called upon to assist in getting things done.

Amy is a person of few words. She is direct and to the point in her dealings with people. You may not always agree with a particular stand that she is taking, but she will always listen to what you have to say. She is also willing to take the time to share her own impression and reasons for taking a particular position on any point. We need more honest dialogue between our community residents and City Council members so that we can hear each other and resolve our differences with civility.

Over the years I have watched Amy make countless efforts to do the right thing for the University campus and the Turlock community. It is my belief that the citizens of District 4 will be well served by Amy Bublak's election as their representative to the Turlock City Council.

— Dr. Roberta T. Anderson