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Women deserve respect, no matter their job choice
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As a mother and retired professional educator I was frustrated and saddened by Sam Romeo’s letter to the Journal of May 13. He blames women for not respecting mothers. Well, let’s blame the victim. Women in America are coming into their strengths finally as being capable of a vast array of abilities, which do not necessarily include giving birth. Presenting the “business world” as a seductive attraction and glamorous must give the non-union woman clerk a shock. Where is that seduction? Where the glamour?

In truth, our economy now demands a household where both parents work. Without a living wage from American industries we are all scrambling to make rent, taxes, groceries and car payments. Yes, respecting the role of mother is a wonderful sentiment. However, most of us do not live in the top 10 percent of wealth. We work to live! Enjoying our children and bringing them up is a joy and a job. We know men can be the primary caregivers too! We are all capable of more! Women in the workforce are paid 70 percent of what a man earns for the same job.

Equality in society and in the workforce, would go a long way to giving women the respect we all deserve no matter what our job choice in life.

— Lynn Sarraille